About Blog

GGU AMA Marketing Club's official blog!

We are very excited to be part of the blogging community, and we hope that our blog will offer valuable insight for members about the amazing field of marketing. Some content you may find on this blog include the following:

  • Marketing Concepts: Definitions, explanations, application; anything and everything that will enhance students’ understanding and illustrate real-life application of marketing concepts.
  • Resume Tips: Entries on resume tips will provide students the tools that will help perfect their resumes. Topics may include: how-to’s, industry-specific keywords, format, suggestions, etc.
  • Current Campaigns: Analysis and discussion on current successful marketing campaigns. Comments/participation by members are highly encouraged.
  • Past Events Recap: Missed an event? Not to worry - we will post recaps and takeaway from our events for you to review.
  • Online Resources: Find recommended blogs that discuss marketing-related topics on the right hand column of our blog.
  • Suggested Books: Recommended books on marketing and other helpful topics are also listed on the right hand column of our blog. Members are encouraged to contribute “summaries” of interesting books to the blog as well!