Monday, November 15, 2010 - Could This Be The Future?

The situation before the Facebook announcement

I came across Pete Cashmore's (CEO of Mashable) latest weekly column on CNN, where he speculates whether the social networking giant Facebook is planning to upgrade its message product so that users would be able to send emails, too. Apparently Facebook invited for a special event this Monday to introduce a new feature. Why is Cashmore speculating? The invitation for the event featured an Inbox logo!

Let's assume Facebook will burst the bubble today and its new feature would be email. The next question would be, whether I would want to switch and use an email for all my future correspondence? I guess several aspects would influence a decision. Personally, I am pretty happy and satisfied with my current email provider, Google. Its services are good, convenient and simple. Thus far, I cannot find a good and compelling reason to switch my provider anytime soon.

Additionally, Facebook is known for its fun social networking services, which Cashmore describes as services reaching from photo sharing to FarmVille. Thus, the question would be how well a Facebook email address would be associated with serious business correspondence? Maybe this again depends on different factors. In what industry you work in for example might influence the acceptance of an address. It might be less appropriate in a law firm, but maybe more acceptable at a tech company or company involved in new media.

For many an email might just be a secondary email address that they can use to interact especially with Facebook friends. A yahoo or gmail address on the other hand could still be used for all other correspondence.

Today is the day! I am sure we will hear about the big Facebook news soon. You can be sure to read about it here at the GGU AMA Marketing Club blog. Until then, let us know what you think about an email? Would you use it?


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